Why Support this Covfefe Operations thing?

Covfefe Operations + Intelligence originally came into existence for an operation dealing with the BC medical mafia. We've run several smaller ops since then, but our present concern is the huge and unprecedented scam run by a network of rogue government actors.

We term these actors —government and non-government alike— as players, for life is a grand game of competing machinations (dramas) vying to define the very nature of the air we breathe.
Since the very beginning, the COVID-19 pandemic has pitted person against person, especially with the popularization of the paradoxical term "invisible enemy" being utilized by a variety of players. We can begin to look at each other as a delivery system of the "invisible enemy," and suspecting the worst of  others.

It doesn't help that the critical thinking mindset is beset by the burden of constantly perceiving that any given action MIGHT affect our own interests. With the ability to discern evil in government, comes the tendency to perceive the actions of our fellow man as potentially being malicious. With great insight, comes great insight. What if?

So, these sites were born out of an apparent need to amplify and repeat crucial information. We need to counter the Operation Mockingbird media institution that has quite literally extorted the mainstream media to act as fluffers for our polka-dotta cuban princess and his second-in-command handler.
The PMO owns the media in Canada, and has used the COVID-19 "business bailout" to implement state ownership of private businesses.

In this writer's mind, the site you're at evidently does NOT serve your needs, because I can count on one hand how much feedback we've received. That is disheartening.
So, honestly, don't donate until we provide you with some actionable intel, something that will help you  or your business to overcome the hurdles set-up by the deep state. But, would you PLEASE give me some feedback? Is that really too much to ask?