Galati on Lawsuit re COVID-1984

From the Editor

I requested the actual source files from Mr Galati, but he declined and just told us to use the PDF provided by the Registry. That's a really shit-poor copy, so the OCR run on it wasn't really that effective, but at least you can now download it and do basic search with a PDF reader, albeit it won't be totally accurate. Blech.
Galati is a great lawyer, but his understanding of my technical request is, unfortunately, sub-par. I would have liked to do it up like the Rancourt Reports and the Defamation Law paper, but seeing as nobody's viewing it, not really a big deal.
UPDATE: You can actually view the properly scanned and unredacted version here at Proper Statement of Claim in VCC Lawsuit UNREDACTED and I might find a chance to flow it into a proper SEO article eventually.

This article also includes multiple video embeds of Galati discussing the Herculean task before him. All in one place, so you don't have to dig so much. If you have suggestions for addition, please just comment it to this article and we'll look at embedding it, too.


Instance 2

We've wanted to provide a better form of reproduction for the CLAIM than a PDF, like we did with the Rancourt Reports and the Defamation Law in the Internet Age report. We've asked Galati for the source file so we can flow it into an easily indexed form,  but he's declined to provide, it probably not trusting a group of anons. Usually a good idea. You can help by asking that they provide the FULL source claim to us in editable form, so we can rip it apart and re-assemble the document.
Please feel free to provide feedback via the FEEDBACK form and we can follow-up with your concerns.

You can download our local copy of the Claim from here.
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Anonymous (not verified), Mon, 01/04/2021 - 13:57
Why has it gotten this far???Why are Canadians so compliant? What drug are they feeding Canadians and the world? that they are so compliant and just letting all their rights be taken away without a peep?..shame on Canadians for your laziness, lack of action and disrespect of all our Ancestors gave up to bring us these freedoms..SHAME ON YOU
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